When To Plant Liatris Bulbs?


Understanding the appropriate time to plant Liatris bulbs can be extremely important. There are a couple of times per year when the conditions are suitable for Liatris bulbs to be planted.

Cooler temperatures are generally important in the early stages, especially for younger plants to grow enough to become independent.

When is the Best Time to Plant Liatris Bulbs?

By planting Liatris bulbs right before cooler temperatures arrive, you are setting up your Liatris to be exposed to the right conditions so that they can grow efficiently. It is highly recommended that you plant your Liatris bulbs during the final weeks of autumn so that the cooler temperatures in the winter can help them get established in the following weeks.

Some people have also had success planting Liatris bulbs at other times of the year, although you can plant them at any time as long as future temperatures remain below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you don’t plant your Liatris bulbs at the right time, you might experience some difficulties in terms of growth and having your Liatris get established properly. In addition to planting them at the right time of year, they also need to be adequately spaced and be exposed to well-drained soil. 

Cold Temperatures Are Important For Growth

If your Liatris bulbs aren’t exposed to cooler temperatures in the weeks immediately following when they were planted, you might experience some problems with their growth. The colder temperatures can help them get established more efficiently and this should be noted when selecting a timeframe for planting Liatris.

In addition, they need to be planted in a location that receives a balanced amount of sunlight and shade. Partial shade is the ultimate target for this low-maintenance perennial plant, especially if you want it to reach its full growth potential.

It doesn’t matter if you plant your Liatris bulbs in the autumn or the spring. While the debate between individuals can be significant when relating to the opposing timeframes, the truth is that the bulbs are directly impacted by the temperatures and climate rather than the specific season. Keep this in mind when trying to determine when to plant your Liatris bulbs, especially if you live in a region that has moderate winter conditions.

Will Liatris Bloom Quickly After Planting?

The location plays a major role in whether Liatris blooms in the first year or not. Once the bulbs are planted in the appropriate temperature and climate, it can take about three months for them to get established and have the first flowers start to appear. 

Since they are perennial plants, you won’t have to worry about them disappearing every year. They will return and bloom once again on an annual basis with very little maintenance as long as they are provided the right amount of sunlight and shade.

In the event of a drought, you may need to provide some manual watering to your Liatris. In many cases, they can tolerate droughts on their own but there are some extreme situations where manual watering may be required. 

The good news is that optimal conditions will allow your Liatris to grow its flowers in as little as three months when making all of the right decisions. The right location and the right temperature exposure for your Liatris will ultimately result in exceptional growth potential and vibrant results, even in the first year after planting your Liatris bulbs. 

Can You Plant Liatris Bulbs in the Summer?

It is not a good idea to plant your Liatris bulbs during the summer. This is a period when temperatures are most likely to be the highest, which can harm your plant’s growth and prevent it from building structure and strength for the future.

Warmer and dryer temperatures make it much harder in the early days after planting your Liatris bulbs. It becomes difficult when the climate is warm and dry for Liatris to establish itself and grow efficiently. This is probably the primary reason that you should try to avoid planting Liatris in the summer. Although, it has been done in the early days of spring with some success. Liatris in containers can be planted in the summer and fall months. Source.

You may be required to water it manually a bit more than you expect due to the dryer and warmer temperatures. If the early days after planting your Liatris are similar to the climate you might experience during a drought, it’s probably a good idea to manually water your new Liatris a little bit more often.

Once established though, your Liatris will not need any manual maintenance of any kind. These perennial plants are capable of taking care of themselves after having the appropriate amount of time to grow and build internal strength in their roots. 

Did you know Liatris doesn’t really make bulbs? Instead, it makes corms, although these two are sometimes used interchangeably.

To find out more, read our article about Liatris Corms here.

Related Questions

Why do Liatris bulbs need to be planted in cooler temperatures?

Cooler temperatures below 70 degrees Fahrenheit can stimulate growth and strength for your Liatris. Your plants will slowly get established in their location and become independent. This means you would eventually be able to stop manually watering them after they have had enough time to grow in the appropriate cool temperatures. Early spring and late autumn are commonly known as two of the best time periods for planting Liatris bulbs.

Will Liatris bulbs struggle to survive if planted at the wrong time?

You will likely experience difficulties with your Liatris’ growth if you plant them during the late-Spring or summer months. Warmer temperatures will make it more challenging for them to get established and may create other issues for your Liatris plants. 

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