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Many flowers bloom during the autumn and fall season, despite the colder weather. The climate conditions during the fall are generally not favorable to a large number of plants and flowers, but this list will include the collection of plants and flowers that thrive during the autumn weather conditions.

Flowers that bloom between September and November include New England Aster, Helenium Red Jewel,  Anemone Whirlwind, Japanese Toad Lily, Azure Monkshood, and Russian Sage.  These perennial plants thrive during the later months of the summer and manage to be a top choice during the autumn and fall months.

As we continue to proceed through a list of common fall flowers, you’ll likely start to notice that many of the flowers share similar characteristics and requirements for survival. You might notice the similarity in temperature requirements and drought tolerance, especially between flowers that are companions to each other.

Many of the plants that thrive during September and October, kick start their growth in the final months of summer. This certainly won’t be an exclusive trait to any single plant in this list.

Fall flower – Examples.

Popular Fall Perennial Flowers

There are several types of perennial flowers that are known to reach their peak in the autumn months of the year. Let’s take a closer look at some of the specific flowers that thrive during this time of the year.

New England Aster

Native to North America, the ‘New England Aster’ is a member of the Asteraceae family. It’s also known as the ‘Michaelmas daisy’, but it’s more commonly known by its previous nickname. These vibrant purple flowers are known for growing up to six feet in height and showcase their thrilling colors during the autumn months. 

They generally thrive in many different types of soil and this flower is recognized as one of the most common perennial fall flowers. While it prefers full sunlight and well-drained soil, it can tolerate other climate conditions and still manage to survive. 

Russian Sage

Russian Sage is known to grow up to five feet in height, oftentimes stalling out at around four feet.  This thriving fall and autumn flower prefers full sunlight conditions and can thrive in poorer soils. It is natively from the continent of Asia, found in several central regions. It begins to flower in the middle of the summer and will continue doing so into the early days of November. 

There’s no doubt that Russian Sage has earned its reputation as a common fall flower, but it shares similar characteristics with many of its companion plants. This ultimately makes sense when comparing many of the world’s most popular fall and autumn perennial flowers. 

Helenium Red Jewel 

Also known as ‘Helen’s Flower’, the Helenium Red Jewel is a vibrant red-tinted fall perennial flower that belongs to the family of sunflowers, also known as Asteraceae. It’s found all across the American continent and generally expresses yellow and red color patterns when blooming during the autumn. 

They grow to a fully mature size between three and five feet, while also requiring well-drained soil and a lot of sunlight. They generally require full sun to reach their full potential. Helenium varieties are also known as sneezeweed. Source.

Anemone Whirlwind

Belonging to the Ranunculaceae family, these fall perennials can grow to a fully mature size of about four feet. They commonly bloom during autumn and fall, especially between September and November. You can natively find these flowers in Australia and New Zealand, although they can live just about anywhere as long as their desired conditions are matched as closely as possible.

Japanese Toad Lily

Native to the country of Japan, the ‘toad lily’ is capable of growing to three feet in height and width. They can be found on the mountainous cliffs around rocky regions in Japan. They prefer partial-to-full shade local conditions so that they can effectively grow. Too much sunlight can harm the ‘toad lilies’ ability to develop into its full maturity and reach its full potential. 

They belong to the family of Liliaceae and are commonly noticed for their gigantic leaves. Because they bloom in September and October, they are commonly recognized as one of the most popular fall perennial plants in the world. 

Azure Monkshood

The vibrant blue and purple flowers on the Azure monkshood perennial flower will almost certainly catch your attention. This fall-thriving plant is known for blooming in the autumn in many different types of sunlight conditions. They can tolerate sun and shade conditions.

It’s important to remember that this is a perennial flower that is fully poisonous and harmful, especially if ingested. All parts of the plants can be poisonous, including the roots, leaves, and flowers. 

Full List of Fall Flowers that Bloom in Autumn

Here is our full list of fall perennial flowers that bloom in autumn:

  • New England Aster
  • Joe Pye Weed
  • Russian Sage
  • Helenium Red Jewel
  • Anemone Whirlwind
  • Japanese Toad Lily
  • Stone Crop
  • Sunflower
  • Azure Monkshood
  • Garden Mums
  • Tall Fall Sedum
  • Fireworks Goldenrod
  • Autumn Crocus
  • Blue Mist Shrub
  • Sneezeweed

This is not every fall flower, but these are the ones that I would recommend growing if your climate and area can have them.

Related Questions

Why do some flowers bloom in the fall instead of the spring and summer?

Many flowers are incapable of blooming before the fall because they didn’t have enough time to prepare. Some plants also generally take longer to bloom, which can ultimately lead to a timeline that results in the flowers blooming during September and October at the end of the year.

Can all of the autumn perennial flowers be companions to each other?

In many cases, these perennial flowers can be companions to other perennial flowers that also bloom in the autumn. There are some situations where it may be harmful to plant two of these adjacent to each other, but it’s usually fairly rare. The most common issues relate to conflicting sunlight requirements or soil preferences.

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